Daily Fantasy NHL Player Pool: Thursday October 11th, 2018

Hey everyone! Happy massive DFS Thursday!

Last Tuesday’s slate was an absolute wash of points, unfortunately if you didn’t have exclusive game stacks including SJ and the Leafs/Stars games (homers), chances are you didn’t even bubble.

With a 12 game slate on Thursday night we are given more leeway in terms of ownership and salary. While my fears around the Leafs ownership and the notion of “A fool and his money are soon parted” may not coincide once more, I am more than willing to hedge that maybe one of these names can defeat the obscene ownership that surrounds Leafs players. Since this is such a massive slate, I’ve tried to provide a few different options to fill with. This article will be void of most Leafs players, because if you haven’t figured them out at this point, you may not want to play.

In any case, I tried to pick through the list to find some people that can be easily and quickly slotted along with whoever (Leafs) you end up playing. Here is my Player Pool for the NHL slate on Thursday, October 11th, 2018



Nathan MacKinnon
Colorado Avalanche

In terms of going back to the well, this is as instant as it gets. My article will once again begin with the Colorado Avalanche center and a good ol’ boy from the 902 resident Nathan MacKinnon.

I know a lot of people will be using the Leafs, and rightfully so. They are easily the most explosive offense at the moment, and this is only driven home by the fact both Leaf centers are not only the most expensive centers on DK, but the most expensive players on the entire slate. Therefore, we have to hedge slightly on the fact that without all these goals, someone like Austin Matthews isn’t a cash play, and while John Tavares still is, MacKinnon is the better cash option of the three. Look at the minutes, Tavares has gone over 20min once, MacKinnon has only been that low once. When either Matthews or Tavares could have an off game, or in the hugely unlikely event they both fail, there is still Marner, Marleau, Kardi, Reilly, or even Anderson could steal a game with insane save counts. But on the Av’s there’s MacKinnon, and…RantanenKerfoot?….Tyson Jost?….Carl Soderberg?…OK, I’ll extend an olive brand that maybe Landeskog is more capable than even Marner, but needless to say, for the Leafs it could be anyone (as it’s been a situation of literally everyone), on the Av’s it’s going to be MacKinnon. Not to mention, he is going up against a Buffalo team that are shortly facing some serious regression in terms of success.

His salary is probably still too low, and while I wouldn’t compare him to the Leaf’s ceilings, once again this slate Av’s Ln1/PP1 C Nathan MacKinnon and his floor should lead you cash card.

Evgeni Malkin 
Pittsburgh Penguins

Another excellent cash option from this slate in the center position belongs to the Penguin’s second line center Geno Malkin.

Basically, every time the Penguins are at home, the Pens look to set up Crosby against the other team’s top line, allowing Malkin’s line more offensive responsibility. I fully expect the Pens to come out flying against a Vegas side who most certainly are on the other side of the Honeymoon. With an injury to Paul Stastny, Vegas will be lacking in central depth, allowing Malkin almost free will matchups against the lesser skilled Golden Knights.

The are two main parts to this (other than the aforementioned matchups), his salary, and scripting. Between MacKinnon and Malkin’s salaries, we have McDavid in Boston vs. the Bergeron line, and Bergeron. We have Crosby going up against Vegas’ first line, Eichel going up against MacKinnon, and then we have the two ultra-defensive players in Kopitar and Toews. Then we land on Malkin, and considering the Golden Knights were so far handed it by the everyone, I can’t imagine things being any easier back to back. Secondly, Malkin’s salary allows numerous types of builds, where a Leafs salary restricts your player pool. Vegas are coming in on a back to back, and they continually seem incapable of keeping scores low. Malkin’s points are assured as either of the Leafs’ salaries, not to mention, Jimmy Howard has been half decent as of late.

Mind you, I think this game will have goals, so Malkin will be forced to reply if the Pens have any hope of staying involved. Sub 7k salary is too cheap for the Pen’s Malkin, and he should find his way into your cash cards over the super overpriced Leafs.


Steven Stamkos
Tampa Bay Lightning

If you want my true and honest opinion (yes, it’s just that, an opinion), I don’t believe a single word of what I’m about to type, but in terms of Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning, they are about to lay a can of whoop-ass tonight on every salary spending fool who overlooks them, their talent, and their ridiculously underpriced salaries. Like I said, don’t believe a word….

Steven Stamkos is not done as a player. His injuries totally haven’t added up, and he is proving to outlast the test of time. The Lightning are ageless, and should very easily continue the hot trends they have been setting for the past couple seasons. This all starts but definitely doesn’t end with Stamkos. The suggestion they are nothing but a rehash of the New York Rangers attempt at a cup is about to be dispelled this season.

Stammer is just layin’ on the shots, and his minutes are exactly where I’d like them to be. He has excellent line mates who are almost too overly defensively responsible. He always finds a way to stay and look healthy, and while Kucherov may be the better goal scorer, Stamkos totally didn’t cool off towards the end of last year when they needed him most.

For real though, the Lightning are too cheap, too talented, and priced off of one game against a team that is half capable at defending. In such a huge slate, their ownership should be super low, and combining them with my next favourite stacking team saves enough money to get a relevant goalie, and still provide tons of star power upside. There’s no hidden data or statistic which makes this sneaky; we all know how good they are, but the chalky ownership can’t own them too. Try and tell me how people will go to Stamkos before or even after they take the Leafs, McJesus, the Penguins, Toews, Kopitar, the best line in the league with Boston, Nathan MacKinnon for the above mentioned obviousness, and THEN mention all the wingers, there’s just no way this Lightning upside gets taken, or at the very least near enough to what it deserves.

While I think his whole line is viable, Lightning’s center Steven Stamkos should return to his usual hot self sooner rather than later, and while we get his ownership from a social discount because of the twelve game slate, we also get him at a salary discount too. Cash? Not yet. GPP? All day. Stammer ftw.

Ryan O’Rielly
St. Louis Blues

My second favourite place to stack from this slate is easily the St Louis Blues’ top line, and starting with Ryan O’Rielly, I think they could be incredibly sneaky in a few different ways.

Firstly; goal upside. The Flames are coming in on a massive road trip, which to their own respect; they’ve been playing very well. However, as a team lacking depth outside the first choice roster, losing Dube, or even him at limited health is far from ideal. Sure, the Flames will probably score, but that will only force the Blues to reply, which against Rittich shouldn’t be that big of an issue. Could the Flames block 30 shots Canadiens’ style? Sure, but there’s still too much to like. Secondly, identical to the Lightning, home ownership. We get to deploy the Blues top line against a matchup inferior Flames at roughly 5% individual ownership in GPP, and basically no combined ownership. With an 8k goalie, you only lose .5k of your average spend, and just less than half your total salary. Which leads us to thirdly; consistent salary exposure. Blues Line 1 and Blues PP1 DO NOT CHANGE. Compare that to the Leafs, who have the Line 1, 2, and 3 center on PP1, with Line 2’s winger. Kapanen and Hyman, who are the other Leafs’ wingers on Line 1 and 2, don’t even play PP. So, the Blues top line is condensed and consistent. When Line 1 goes out to capitalize, it will ALWAYS be those three, and for the Leafs ownership, flip a coin as to what combination will be out there.

Again, there’s no hidden statistic or meta play here, we get the home team cheap, with low ownership, and slate breaking upside for days. Hard not to love this in GPP, and it stacks with lots of other great lines as well. Even use it in cash, the Flames shouldn’t hold that much water to the Ryan O’Rielly/Tarasenko duo.


Erik Haula
Las Vegas Golden Knights

With the injury to Paul Stastny, Haula should be slotting into the second line center for the Golden Knights, which should compliment his PP2 time. He stacks really well with Patches, and considering he has looked decent in his own right, I have no issues using him as a solo shot value play, or a sneaky stack with Vegas Line 2 PP2. It’s not ideal, but Haula helps lead his team in PP minutes, which shows the Golden Knights usually prefer their second unit, or at least end up on them more often. I’m not liking the potential matchup issues, nor the fact Vegas are on a back to back, but with the absolute inept abilities of the Penguins crease, the Golden Knights should score on existence alone, and Haula’s salary is too cheap for that existence.

Like I said, not my favourite, but I’ll be looking at Vegas PP2, because it’s not like it’s never happened before that the Penguins take five penalties and crap off at home.

Mikko Koivu
Minnesota Wild

Another super value point of interest for me is the Minnesota Wild and their Line 2 center team captain Mikko Koivu.

There’s a couple reasons I like Koivu, outside of obvious low ownership. The Wild is notoriously slow starting, so it’s very normal for them to be winless four games into a season (though they’ve played only two). Preventing goals hasn’t been the issue, as with most of these low ability teams, the Wild, Coyotes, and Oilers all have the lowest goals allowed so far this season, but also have scored the fewest amount of goals. In fact, if you combined all three teams’ goal total, they would still be in the lower half of the league in terms of team scoring.

For a team like the Wild, this shouldn’t continue. Matt Dumba is incredibly talented, and looks poised to have a breakout year. Ryan Suter will once again lead the league in minutes played and avg. minutes a game. Staal and Koivu both come from huge hockey families, and nobody is more famous in the USA than Zach Parise’s father. This is a real team, with a real goalie. They should be breaking out for a five goal game sooner rather than later, and while I may not pen Koivu to be the paramount reason, he should be the beneficiary. He stacks with Zach Parise 100%, and they both play with Dumba on the PP2. Also, quick note, Blackhawks goalies’ could’t stop a beach ball with 30pds more gear.

I don’t know, will the Wild win? Probably not. But if they aren’t scoring on Cam Ward, we can safely say there’s some serious issues to address. In the meantime, by low on the Wild, in particular the pair of Koivu and Parise, because they could and should go completely ham this slate.

HM: Joel Pavelski, Vincent Trochek, Leon Draisaitl, Jesperi Kotkaneimi



Taylor Hall
New Jersey Devils

Obviously, the Devils have played only one game so far this season, so I’m not sitting here telling you how Devils’ Taylor Hall is just as good as ever, but yeah, he looks just as good as ever.

He’ll block shots, play Line 1 in both even strength and special teams, and smile the whole time. He is far more affordable on DK, where he is mixed with other cash options Evander Kane and TJ Oshie. However, there’s a couple things that set Hall apart. Much like MacKinnon, Hall is literally all the Devils have. Outside of a few fleeting names, there’s nothing compared to the Hall star power on their roster. So, chances are when things are happening for the Devils, it’s coming from Hall or when at least when he is on the ice. Secondly, the Caps are rolling with a goalie who has no business being considered for an NHL role. Phoenix Copely is an awesome name, but nothing close to an NHL caliber goalie. His minor numbers couldn’t even be considered serviceable, and I struggle to see how the Caps will continue this hot trend on a back to back with Copely in nets.

Could this game go nuts? Sure, but the only way the Devils will compete is coming from Taylor Hall, and considering the Caps starting goalie, from that DK salary all he will need to be is breathing.

Zach Parise
Minnesota Wild

Going back to the Wild on this one, and when you need a little bit of savings, look to winger Zach Parise.

Here’s a guy who consistently puts up 5 shots a game, but on the usual slow start, his stats and salary haven’t caught up with Parise’s ability. When games are on the line, Parise is who the Wild turn to, and while I’m not expecting this to go down to the wire or something, there should be goals, and it should be close.

Mind you, if I was to give one side the upper hand on a shutout, it’s easily the Wild, as Cam Ward has been an absolute disaster for the Blackhawks. Honestly, if Parise doesn’t score two goals, I won’t know what to believe anymore. The ‘Hawks have been that bad in their back end, and while Patrick Kane can always score whatever amount of goals, and Toews will continue to be the modern Captain Canada, they should still let in four on the regular. They are coming up against a Wild team who are more than defensively capable, and I’d like to see these salaries flipped for a better representation. If the ‘Hawks do score, the Wild will reply, and like I said, when the Wild turn to someone, it’s Parise.

So should you, especially as a fill in your cash cards. He has put shots on net for over a decade, so there’s few more reliable for numerous shots from that salary than him. Cam Ward has been so bad, I’m even suggesting stacking Parise and Koivu in cash. Seriously, don’t fear the ‘Hawks defensively, strap in as much Parise as you can fit, because he’s taking your for a ride.

Craig Smith
Nashville Predators

Just a quick note if you are new to my article’s or NHL DFS: Craig Smith is someone that should end up in your cash cards until further notice. His salary, floor, upside, and home ice make him more than adequate this evening, even against the Jets.


Brad Marchand
Boston Bruins

If you were to have told me after the first couple weeks Bruins’ Brad Marchand would lead the league in PIMs, assists for forwards, and only have two shots on net, I wouldn’t believe you. Here we are, what a time to be alive.

Marchand plays Line 1 PP 1 on what is arguably the best line in the NHL, at least from a statistical standpoint there isn’t much to argue about. While Pastrnak and Bergeron have been doing the scoring, Marchand has been the team’s new Adam McQuaid, ready to drop the mits at any moment, instilling fear across the league. Seriously though, I can’t imagine a situation where Marchand’s lack of scoring continues, especially on this line, especially especially with how well they have been playing.

Away from home, this line is match-up proof. At home, this line could be astronomical. The Oilers have never been a defensively capable side, and potentially posses what may be the new modern day goalie bust in Cam Talbot. Not for literally one second of last season was Talbot a #1 goalie on any team, and going up against a red hot Bruins in Boston is far from ideal.

My hope is that McDavid’s ownership will be up there, as he will probably be the second place most fish will click after Matthews (who is a DFS inferior play to Tavares). So, my further hope is that nobody pays attention to the Bruins top line, especially in cash. This slate Talbot is my second favourite goalie to smash, and considering how well this top line is playing, I can’t see them not going for another four goal performance come the final buzzer.

Load up on the Bruins, but in particular for GPP take the slight salary discount on Marchand. While he may not have a massive literal floor, his implied ceiling is huge. I’m into that, I’m also into the top line in hockey for low ownership too.

Vladimir Tarasenko
St. Louis Blues

This slate I cannot get enough of the Blues’ top line sniper Vlad Tarasenko.

Firstly, goal upside. It hasn’t happened yet, but chances are it can be said going up against the Jets wasn’t the best way to skyrocket your salary. As shown by Cam Ward, anything is possible, and while Tarasenko came back with two goals, his salary decreased despite coming up against an equally inferior team and goalie in the Flames’ David Rittich. Secondly, ownership. This is another situation of getting one of the league’s best players at super low ownership because of a massive slate. You simply can’t afford Tarasenko if you take Matthews OR Tavares followed by other salary laden player not named Tarasenko. You also can’t afford Tarasenko if you stack two first lines, or a first line WITH their expensive defender. Literally put, if you aren’t actively stacking Blues Line 1 or looking at Tarasenko, you’ll never see him.

This is totally fine with me. The Blues could be one of the highest scoring teams of the night, and I will continue to act on the Flames being a #bad team until TSN’s Bob McKenzie tells me otherwise. Stack the Blues, or simply, don’t forget their main man Vlad Tarasenko.


JT Miller
Tampa Bay Lightning

Not a cash play, but if anyone should have been fine last slate, it was the Lightning’s Line 1 PP1 winger JT Miller. He plays non-stop with Stamkos, and his salary is reflected of one bad game to start the season. Don’t expect that to continue; he is too cheap for who he plays with and what role he plays for this team. Like I said, don’t worry too much about Tampa’s JT Miller, he’ll be fine.

Joel Armia
Montreal Canadiens

Honestly, just take your pick. I like Armia the most because he’s the cheapest while still being as active in both special teams and even strength. While a lot of the Habs are tough to target because of roles, skill, or minutes, Armia is the kind of player who may not stand out, but plays with all the important pieces of a Montreal success script. I like him most as a fill, as he doesn’t stack very well, but at the same time, I think the Habs will be continually too cheap because of slate construction, and for the time being we can take chances on their super cheap salaries. I like Armia, he has been playing well, and fits into the best spots.

HM: TJ Oshie, Phil Kessell, Max Pacioretty, Ty Rattie, Pat Maroon, Evander Kane, Patrick Kane



Alex Edler
Vancouver Canucks

Just lock and load; Canucks’ Alex Edler is easily the top defensive cash play in the league, not just this slate.

He’s Line 1, PP1, PK1, and priced like he’s scoring goals. Unlike most of the crew he surrounds himself with, he has real sustainable floor. Will he outscore Calrson, the Sharks, Doughty, Rielly, Hedman, Letang, Subban and/or Doughty? Probably not. But does he play a bigger role, more minutes, blocks more shots, takes more shots, and is basically all his team has? Yes, way WAY more than any other name on the list.

6k is getting up there, don’t get me wrong, his salary isn’t an instant click and walk away. However, he must feature into your consideration. If you build dummy cash cards to test out what you like, and you aren’t using Edler in at least half, you probably shouldn’t play cash. Not only for defenders, but he has one of the best floors in the entire league. While Tampa may be the other side of the continent, I don’t see them rebounding so seriously as to keep Edler under 2fpts.

He may not have the ceiling to crush a slate, but when the going gets tough, most of the other heavy salaries get going, while Elder won’t be going anywhere. He’s he safest 5fpts in the league, Canucks’ defender Alex Edler.

Ryan Suter
Minnesota Wild

When you are looking for someone with a career made from solid minutes and consistent peripheral stats, look no further than Minnesota Wild’s iron man Ryan Suter.

We can expect a few things from Suter every single game, no matter the scenario. He’s going to play close to 25min; Suter has consistently lead the league, not only for defensemen, and when you compare his role and minutes to others’ in the league, they aren’t even in the same ball park. Obviously, he isn’t as flashy talented as the Sharks top defenders. He isn’t as high end as Edler, but when you are comparing basic foundations, Suter should feature in most cash exposures in most slates.

What makes him a cash lock this slate is he’s at home going up against the completely, absolutely, 100%, totally, in every way, defensively incapable Blackhawks. I’m not saying Suter will, he very well may not, the Wild aren’t an attack first team. But, if there was ever a time he really should, 25min against Cam Ward MUST produce results. Along with the Leafs, Sens, Vegas and Flyers, the Blackhawks are a must target defense. They should all allow around four goals a game, and outside of the Leafs and maybe Vegas, there is little to no reason to expect a shutout anytime soon.

A good defense will always beat a good offense, but a bad offense will always beat a bad defense. DFS Playbook Meta 101, they are at home and he’s playing 23+min of hockey. Play this man! Play the Wild’s Ryan Suter.

Jeff Petry
Montreal Canadiens

So far this season I have been repeatedly talked out of Montreal’s Jeff Petry in cash, and while I could understand it when he was 5kish, on both sites (especially FD) he is too cheap, and I refuse to continue ignoring his role-to-salary range any longer.

I’m not going to talk about how great the Habs are, or how they will easily win vs. LA. Neither are necessarily the case. However, given Petry’s history of shot counts and shot block totals, it’s hard to ignore him in a situation where we can safely say the game should finish under four total goals. In terms of his role for the Habs, he is literally the only defender they posses. He is the overwhelming choice for all Line 1, PP1, and PK2 roles, where he sometimes plays on the second unit with Jordie Benn.

In any case, if you are building a solid card, chances are you should eventually look at a guy like Jeff Petry. He plays a role like a 6k guy, but priced 2k less.


Charlie McAvoy
Boston Bruins

He isn’t the first place I’m looking on the Bruins, but there’s no denying Charlie McAvoy stands to benefit the most from minutes, roleplay, and playing with the best line in hockey.

Unlike Chara, McAvoy plays on the PP, albeit PP2. On the other hand, he is still playing sizable minutes for one of the more productive lines in the NHL. When it comes to a site like FD, you are forced to picking McAvoy over Chara, simply for the PP bonus points. McAvoy still blocks shots too, so by definition he is a better play than Chara.

There isn’t much to this other than I think Boston will be low owned despite being league leaders. When too many people click on McJesus, they will never fall on the Bruins’ Charlie McAvoy, who is one of the more interesting GPP defenders from this slate.

Ryan McDonagh
Tampa Bay Lightning

I doubt many people will be looking at the Tampa Bay Lightning, and if when they do, it will be on teammate Victor Hedman. In fact, not only is Ryan McDonagh cheaper, but he’s probably the better option of the two. McDonagh is easily one of my favourite GPP defenders of this slate.

As already mentioned, the Lightning are priced after one poor game to start the season; they don’t deserve these salaries, and won’t be holding them much longer. Vancouver couldn’t be further away from home, and while they have been playing well enough, they still struggle with team depth and defending, both of which the Lightning should exploit. I think Hedman will end up seeing the bulk of shutdown minutes, while McDonagh and Stralman should get more attacking responsibilities. I like McDonagh’s multi point upside for no ownership. While his salary isn’t as cheap as I would have hoped for, sub 5.5k McDonagh is something I can get on board with.

He isn’t a cash option, and could just as easily bust, but when I’m looking for matchup, minutes, and salary, Tampa’s Ryan McDonagh is hands down one of my favourites.

Matt Dumba
Minnesota Wild

One of my favourite GPP defenders this slate is Minnesota’s Matt Dumba.

I won’t lie, on DK, he’s not cheap at all. However, on FD, Dumba may be a must play in this matchup. He’s looking at a surefire goal, as all he needs is a few shots on net (highly likely), and Dumba will score. What I like most about Dumba is how well he has been playing, and his completely, non-existent ownership. On DK, there’s no way people will look to him when they could have the Sharks, Hedman, Doughty, Letang, etc etc just to name a few. On FD, it takes some serious patience to scroll past all the viable names before you finally get to him, so again, unless you are seeking him out, you’ll never fall on him.

If you haven’t got the memo yet, Cam Ward is #bad, really #bad, and the Wild is looking at four goals. While I would like to think more than one comes from Parise, I very much expect Dumba to be on the end of another, and while on DK he may not compete salary wise, on FD Minnesota’s Matt Dumba is a must play.


Matt Niskanen
Washington Capitals

Niskanen is a guy DFS hates. I’ve never understood it, but he is consistently priced too low. Will he break a slate? No, the talent on his team will always dominate a scoresheet. However, there is rarely anybody in the league who clocks in as cheap while playing with such a high end attack as the Capitals’ Matt Niskanen.

Matt Grzelcyk
Boston Bruins

Gryz is easily my favourite defensive value on this slate. He gets minutes on PP1 with what is arguably the best PP in the league, and still hauls in proper even strength time as well. I think he is best used in cash, where it allows you to spend up on some bigger, Leafier salaries, and it still doesn’t leave you out in the cold when the Bruins PP1 gets three goals. He’s my first click for defense in cash, and while he’s not my favourite all around play (Suter), he’s definitely my favourite cheap play. My one concern, he may be too highly owned for GPP.

Sami Vatanen
New Jersey Devils

There isn’t too much about Vantanen to stand out, other than his salary, and role on the Devils. Mind you, the Capitals are starting a nobody for a goalie, so in the case Vatanen gets +20min against Copley, he should very easily pay off from his salary. I would prefer this as a GPP value, as he doesn’t have any comparable floor upside to Gryz, but at the same time, if you aren’t owning a Bruin you’re probably a fool, and if you are owning a Devil you are probably equally foolish. I’ll be a fool when nobody knows it happened, rather than a fool on 30% ownership.

HM: Eric Johnson, Rasmus Ristolainen, Zdeno Chara, Mike Matheson, Jack Johnson, Christopher Tanev, Will Butcher, Vince Dunn



Tukka Rask
Boston Bruins

Boston’s Tukka Rask is easily my favourite cash goalie of the slate, and it isn’t even close.

We can take it a couple ways; either the Bruins are one of the best teams in hockey and the Oilers aren’t, or the Bruins are one of the most defensively capable teams in the league, and the Oilers are offensively and comparatively incapable. Having only scored two goals all season, the Oilers are little to no threat on the road to blow out the Bruins. Considering Rask isn’t the most expensive option, he should instantly be the better option for either format. He has more shutout upside than Anderson (by a country mile) and Valiy, while at the same time being a far bigger favourite (and at home) than most of the goalies on the slate.

Needless to say, here’s your guy; when you want the biggest and surest win, while at the same time not spending the most money possible, you want Boston’s Tukka Rask as your goalie.

Andrei Vasilevskiy
Tampa Bay Lightning

Not going to even try and lie, this one makes me uncomfortable, but you can get away with the Lightning’s Vasilevskiy as your cash goalie.

Unlike the rest of his team, his salary isn’t on the cheap. At the same time, I’m sure he won’t be as high owned as the next option, nor as favoured as the above. As such, so far this season the Lightning are rather untested, so I’m not jumping at the chance to use him in cash. However, I see no issue with the Lightning at home dealing with the Canucks, and considering how favoured they are, it may be hard to look away from them all.

He’s not my favourite cash goalie, but he will work. When you want the sure win but an untested, expensive option, take Andrei Vasilevskiy.

Frederik Anderson
Toronto Maple Leafs

Look, you couldn’t pay me to take this in cash. However, he’s a) going to be high owned, b) going to win, and c) face around 35 shots. You may need to take him just to make sure you don’t miss out, because if he’s 50% owned in a 50/50, you will be pushing to push past all those scripts that are obviously working out.

His salary isn’t ideal, and he’s letting in goals. However, he’s winning, and may be a blocker more than a real play. When you need to make sure you don’t miss out, use Toronto’s Frederik Anderson.


Keith Kinkaid
New Jersey Devils

The Caps are coming in on a back to back, and are starting a goalie who should let in at least three goals. If Kinklad keeps these guys under three goals, it’s a victory in itself. However, if he can somehow put on a win, or even a shutout, he will smash the slate to bits. His salary is great, his ownership should be rock bottom, and if there was ever a chance to sell high on the Caps, it’s 100% this slate vs. Keith Kinkaid and the Devils.

Devin Dubnyk
Minnesota Wild

Probably my favourite GPP play of the slate (outside of Rask) is the Minnesota netminder Devin Dubnyk. The guy has a history of being rock solid, and while a lot of people will likely be on the Hawks (in particular Kane), they won’t be on the notion that the ‘Hawks are one bad game away from a 5/7-0 loss. If the Wild get up early, or Dubz can keep Kane out, the longer this goes the better for the Wild. The Blackhawks goalie issues are so profound, every team they play are an instant bump up in GPP. Mind you, you’re looking at a sneaky win from someone who will have to do well to succeed. Can he succeed? Absolutely. Fire up some Dubz when you want to save some skrill, because the Wild should be able to outscore the Blackhawks for at least the win.


Carey Price
Montreal Canadiens

Just do it. Either format. Chances are incredibly low he lets in more than two goals, so you are instantly looking at someone who is existing as an +EV goalie. For his salary on DK, it’s absurd. You almost have to play him. There’s no choice. I don’t want to, but he doesn’t even need the win to pay off.

Let me put it this way, I’m using a lot of Carey Price in GPP tonight, and if he wins me the takedowns I desire, I will only use Carey Price desktop pictures for my videos…until 2019. That’s a win win for everybody.

HM: Jack Campbell, Sergei Bobrovsky, Phoenix Copley, Jakob Markstrom

Line Stacks

Boston PP1 Value Stack

Core: Ryan Donato, Matt Grzelcyk
Fills: Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, David Pastrnak, David Krejci

The point here is taking Donato and Gryz, and filling in whatever you can after. It’s not that these guys are bad, or somehow more viable. The issue…or thing is (it’s not a problem) the other dudes are mad expensive, and if people are smart, the Bruins should be highly owned. So, the only way to properly maneuver the salaries and manipulate the ownership is to treat it al-la showdown-esk, and start with the two people that can go off which nobody will have, and build what everyone will have and still go off from there. That way, you still get it, but instantly separate yourself.

Rather than trying to make yourself different at the end, find that valuable, viable stack, and start from there. Bruins PP1 Value Stack ftw.

Florida D1 Stack

Core: Aaron Ekblad, Keith Yandle
Fills: Nick Bjugstad

Not much to say. Out of everyone on the slate, nobody will see more minutes, let alone more minutes together than the Panthers’ pairing of Ekblad and Yandle. It’s far from my favourite, but it’s there, cheap, super consistent, and low owned. If the Panthers go off, they will be worth 4fpts floor. You can fill with Bjugstad, as he’s the only guy who also exclusively sees time together.

New Jersey Line1 Stack

Core: Taylor Hall, Nico Hischier, Kyle Palmeri
Fills: Will Butcher, Travis Zajac, Sami Vatanen

Probably my favourite value line stack of the evening will be the Devils Line 1. Washington has no goalie, and in the case get beat on line matchup, Hall should provide or score at least once, and that makes everyone more viable. With the Washington ownership, these guys aren’t that bad to which their compared ownership will suggest. Will Washington win? Maybe, probably, yeah. But, will the Devils score more than twice? Maybe, probably, yeah. Line 1 should be more than enough to start your cards, because nobody else will start with that. Be bold, be rare, be Devils Line 1.

Pittsburgh PP1 Stack

Core: Sidney Crosby, Geno Malkin, Phil Kessell, Kris Letang, Patric Hornquvist
Fills: Jake Guentzel, Carl Hagelin

Very obvious, but expensive. The premise is simple, they are awesome, amazing, everything great that is hockey. However, fitting them all in will be a challenge, and you’ll have to dip into the value pool more than once, including goalie. In fact, I don’t see this stack working without a Carey Price win. Without him, it’s really hard to build a viable card like this.

Montreal Line3 Stack

Core: Joel Armia, Johnathon Drouin, Jesperi Kotkaneimi
Fills: Jeff Petry or Victor Mete (but not both)

Another value line stack I’m liking is the Habs Line 3. They are young, fearless, and will have great matchups all game. Honestly, at the moment this is one of the better third lines in the league, and they could easily break the slate. From those salaries, combining for a couple goals would be insane, and nothing is to suggest Montreal can’t, and LA haven’t allowed it. LA’s first two lines are pretty heavy, but once MTL wins a line matchup, watch for the Habs Line 3 to make a surprise splash tonight.

Vancouver Simple

Core: Ellias Petterrson, Alex Edler
Fills: Loui Eriksen, Nikolay Goldobin

Not my favourite, but will be super low owned, cheap, and has an excellent floor. If Florida aren’t the defensive side we all expected, there’s no question where the Canucks success will be coming from. Take you 10fpts and walk, Petterrson and Edler have such high floors, anything will be possible from that.

St. Louis Line1 Stack

Core: Ryan O’Reilly, Vlad Tarasenko, Pat Maroon
Fills: Colton Parayko, Tyler Bozak, Alex Pietrangelo

Easily my favourite line stack of the night will be the Blues Line 1. They exclusively play together, and also play both LN1 and PP1. Maroon offers great value, but without the other two he is in no way as viable. O’Rielly and Tarasenko make my favourite pairing as well, where Maroon has value, he is nothing more than a hope than the sure thing of his line. O’Reilly and Tarasenko should be looking at multiple points, therefore by assoc. so is Maroon. I think filling out with the PP1 is an excellent way to finish this stack, or use the Blues’ main man Pietrangelo.

Minnesota PP2 Stack

Core: Mikko Koivu, Zach Parise, Charlie Coyle, Matt Dumba, Jared Spurgeon
Fills: Mikael Granlund, Ryan Suter, Jordan Greenway

Finishing up today’s article we have my favourite all around GPP stack of the slate, Minnesota’s PP2.

Now, again, newsflash, Blackhawks are letting in four goals. This PP encapsulates all the main areas for the Wild; Dumba LN1 with Suter, Parise and Koivu stack, Spurgeon hits the DLN2, and Coyle is the main shooter on LN3. With the Blackhawks being such a defensively poor side, we should be looking to get as many pieces as possible, while still making sense. So, even strength we cover all the bases, then they all coverage in a PP2 for more condensed production.

I can’t see a way the Wild fail to score five goals tonight, and hopefully two on the PP, both coming from their standout players in Parise and Dumba, coming mostly from the Minnesota PP2 Line. If this happens from the low ownership I’m praying for, these guys should be the line that compliments all the salaries which will end up going off. Figuring out which of the salaries that will be going off is the real challenge, I took care of the easy part for you. Sorry.