Daily Fantasy NHL Player Pool: Tuesday October 9th, 2018

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!

With an international break for soccer, I’ve found myself with more free time, and this week that free time is used towards NHL. Tuesday night offers an interesting slate that should have very direct, condensed ownership. However, there’s still a ton of sharp plays, and I wanted to provide you with mine.

I’ve had a lot of requests to put my videos into articles, so here we have it, my NHL Player Pool for Tuesday, October 9th, 2018.



Nathan MacKinnon
Colorado Avalanche

Starting off Tuesday's player pool is one of the league's top shooters in Colorado's Nathan MacKinnon.

In terms of star power, he is literally all the Av's have. So, by in large any time the puck touches his stick in the offensive zone, chances are the next place it’s heading is towards the net at high velocity. He leads the league in shots despite playing a game less than most other players, and while I think there's serious warrant to the CBJ shutdown game at home, his sub-7k salary makes up for any concerns.

On FD, I think there's serious warrant for pivoting to literally any other listed C, but he has the highest shot floor of the slate and is priced like a 2nd line C on DK, unacceptable. Not sure about his ceiling, though, so he’s best kept to cash.


Jordan Staal
Carolina Hurricanes

I'm going to continue rocking Staal until his salary makes a serious adjustment. He is up there for shot counts in the league, and while the Hurricanes may not be the most dominate force around, they are extremely DFS friendly. They are stackable, affordable, productive, and when at home or against an exploitable matchup, they are some of the best options in the league. Staal leads that list, and is cash viable, but should feature in your GPP stacks this slate.

The main thing about Carolina is the absolute inability to keep the puck out of their net. Thankfully, they have a capable scoring crew, and will be forced to score in bunches just to compete. It's unfortunate they are coming in on a back to back, but it's still early in the season, and it's a back to back at home.

As I said, until these salaries adjust, fire up some Hurricanes, especially 2nd Line center Jordan Staal.


Jordan Weal
Philadelphia Flyers

With the injury to James Van Riemsdyk, Flyers min-salary winger but listed as a C Jordan Weal is almost a free space play.

Weal will be lining up on L3 and PP2, giving him more than enough chances to produce against a Sharks team travelling cross country for an early game. While the Flyers as a whole are flying high, their third line, and in particular Wayne Simmonds, has been one of the hottest in the league. On top of this, Weal also will be getting PP2 time, and while it may not pack as much punch as PP1, what's more important are minutes at home.

He isn't the kind of guy to get you 4-6 shots or something, but at the same time with his salary he falls into my "he'll be fine" category. When you need massive savings, look no further than Flyer's Jordan Weal.

HM: Elias Petterrsson, PL Dubois, Tyler Seguin, Kyle Turris



Craig Smith
Nashville Predators

Much like Jordan Staal, the Predators' Craig Smith is another guy you can confidently select every slate until he has an atrocious matchup, or his salary catches up the to fact he's unreal.

Nashville at home are always something to consider, let alone against a travelling Flames team who are without a credible goalie. While I'm not sure about this game’s blowout potential (lack of ceiling=cash), I remain very convinced Craig Smith's salary at home on his team playing the Flames is far, far too cheap.

If you are looking for raw points, teammate Filip Forsberg could just as easily work, but when you are considering salary, this slate Predators' Craig Smith is as lockable as any winger, and my favourite cash play of the slate.


Wayne Simmonds
Philadelphia Flyers

Speaking about non-adjusted salaries, Flyers' Wayne Simmonds comes into this slate as one of the league’s hottest Wingers, but also on one of the league’s hottest teams.

Simmonds is a fine mix of consistency, skill, and flames. He is playing on one of, if not the league's best PP over the past few seasons, and while the Flyers are coming into this red hot, the Sharks couldn't be more frozen. Getting smashed by the Isles should be a pretty solid indication the Sharks haven't got their fins moving yet. The Flyers have been in complete contrast, not only finding results but incredible DFS production numbers. Simmonds has been at the forefront of this, but with little to no salary adjustment.

There's little not to like, the Sharks are on the other side of the country, the Flyers are at home, playing well, and their salaries are too cheap. Fire up Wayne Simmonds in either format, but jump on his too low ownership in GPP.


Matt Calvert
Colorado Avalanche

This one is pretty straight forward, but not something I will be entertaining.

Av's captain Gabriel Landeskog could miss out due to injury, and if that's the case Calvert has been skating with the top line in his stead. Calvert comes in at a minuscule salary on DK, and while he may not be the flashiest name, he was recently a Blue Jacket, and I can't see a better narrative tonight than a Calvert comeback slam playing with MacKinnon.

Like I said, this is completely reliant on Landeskog not starting, but in the case Calvert starts Line 1, that should compliment his already PP2 spot, and make him an excellent value play from this slate for either format.

HM: Michael Ferland, Justin Williams, Alexander Radulov, Ilya Kovalchuk, Kevin Fiala, Devin Shore



Alex Edler
Vancouver Canucks

This should be the easiest lock and load of the slate. Canucks' Edler helps lead the league in shots for defenders, and easily leads the shots blocked category for all players. This my friends, is called floor.

What's even more appealing about Edler is how poorly the salaries above him have been performing; Karlsson and Burns have been 4k-esk, maybe even not that much. Rielly has been decent enough but is coming up against a capable team and defensive core in Dallas. Subban has been great, but not as solid as Edler. Then there's Edler whom has torn up floors all season.

I know, I say all season as if it's been months, but barring an injury or freak occurrence, Edler should continue to lead your defensive exposures until he chills tf out.


Shane Gostisbehere
Philadelphia Flyers

A very close second to Edler in massive floor outputs, we have Flyers’ standout defender, resident complicated name that's easy to spell, and the league's hardest shot until Shea Weber is back, Shane Gostisbehere.

Gostisbehere is a poor man's Edler, but is still super rich. Tons of shots, blocked shots, hits, minutes, chances, what more could you want? He also happens to be playing at home, on a team that is one of the hottest in the league, and against a team that could barely be considered existent if not for the literal gear on their bodies floating around out there. I don't think too many people will be looking to him in comparison to the rest of the slate, but especially in comparison to the salaries on the other side of the ice. Karlsson and Burns will (hopefully) draw enough ownership that either a) taking Gostisbehere would be sub-optimal, or b) taking Gostisbehere never entered your process because Burns and Karlsson did first. Especially with the Leafs/Stars ownership, there will only be so much salary left when people go looking outside that game.

He’s a powerful player in a powerful matchup, look to the Flyer's Shane Gostisbehere for this slate's top point per dollar ceiling.


Esa Lindell
Dallas Stars

Last season, every chance I got with Lindell at home, I took it. Needless to say, he was a staple in my h2h's, and provides excellent relief while still getting involved with one of the league's most prolific attacks.

That's the main point here, when you need exposure to the Stars, or you need more Stars on your card, Esa Lindell should always be the first name you click on. He pairs with Klingberg on D1, gets PP2 time, and rarely costs more than 4k. He will never be highly owned, or at the very least as highly owned in comparison to his more famous counterparts. The big one is him pairing with Klingberg on the first defensive pairing; this give you access to (usually) the best four players on any given slate, but for the price of (comparatively) peanuts.

He isn't a massive ceiling player, but he has a ceiling because of the players he plays with. He isn't a massive floor player, but will always find relevance because of his role. Esa Lindell is one of the OG "He'll be fine" guys, so needless to say, he will always be fine.

HM: Dougie Hamilton, Justin Faulk, Jake Muzzin, Alex Martinez



Pekka Rinna
Nashville Predators

Really straight forward, Nashville's Rinne should be the biggest favourite on the slate, as he’s at home, should face enough shots, oh, and he's friggin amazing. The Flames aren't a deep enough team to deal with the Preds matchup game, and should be easily overwhelmed by a far superior Predators side. He’s two goals max, with massive shutout potential. While he is the most expensive on DK, I highly suggest him on FD, as he still should raw points everyone to the best goalie of the slate.

Rinne is the man, and nothing about Calgary suggests this should change tonight.


Sergi Bobrovski
Columbus Blue Jackets

CBJ home games are notoriously low scoring. So, off the bat we are being given a chance at a shutout. Bobz has been consistently one of the better goalies in the league, and while CBJ may be entering a darker phase towards a rebuild, I fully expect Bobz to show off his skill all season to earn a cup contender role in free agency next summer.

He is facing the league's highest shot count in Nathan MacKinnon, but especially without Landeskog, the Av's aren't deep enough to deal with the CBJ shutdown game. While MacKinnon will always produce shots, if he doesn't find the net, the result will be Bobz having one of the higher ceilings of the slate.

I don’t love him, but of all the options, he has the highest chance to do well, and has the lowest chance of the “do well” guys of screwing it up.


Jack Campbell
LA Kings

I honestly can't believe how many people are already writing off Jack Campbell, as if he doesn't play behind of the league's best team defenses, and as if he wasn't once one of the most legit goalie prospects in the previous decade.

Many people probably forgot or didn't know, Jack Campbell is actually half pedigreed. Back in 2010, he was the World Junior goalie for USA. I remember this, because it was one of the more skilled Canadian WJC's in modern history, and because the USA beat the super-favoured (with a U) Canadian side in the final. Campbell won goalie of the tournament, and then he followed it up with a repeat performance the following season. He was amazing. I was excited to see what he would bring to the NHL. He went 11th overall to the Stars, who basically ruined him (as they do with every goalie they touch).

Maybe going up against the Jets in Winnipeg isn't the best way to get things rolling. However, he does have a few things going for him other than the aforementioned past. The Jets haven't been playing at their best yet, and while guys like Laine and Wheeler have been shooting, they haven't been scoring at a rate which would make me afraid of Campbell's salary in GPP. LA has always been a defensive side, so we can expect at the very least Campbell should have support.

Like I said, this is definitely not a cash play, but with neither goalie looking capable in the Leafs/Stars game, nor the Hurricanes/Cauncks game, and the Flyers are not a goalie team, what's left for value other than the stone cold Sharks or Jack Campbell? Exactly. Take the no ownership Kings, and their goalie Jack Campbell.

HM: Phillipe Grubauer, Connor Hellebuyck

Line Stacks

Nashville Line 2/PP1

Core: Kyle Turris, Craig Smith, Kevin Fiala
Fills: Victor Advisson, Filip Forsberg, PK Subban, Ryan Johansen

This is generally Craig Smith-focused, but there's not a lot of hope the Flames will keep up with the Preds. While I think Monahan and Jonny Hockey will be seeing a lot of the Preds top line, the Preds second line should absolutely smash on matchup. If you think this could be a Preds blowout, chances are it's coming through Flames penalties. The best way to get as many Preds in your card as possible is through the PP1, but since you can't get them all, I put them in order of preference.

The Preds should smash with ease, so get on board. Preds Line 2 is easily my favourite line of the night, but mixing them into a PP1 stack is just as viable.

Carolina Line 2/Line 1

Core: Jordan Staal, Justin Williams, Justin Faulk
Fills: Michael Ferland, Dougie Hamilton

My second favourite line of the night is the Hurricanes' second line of Jordan Staal and Justin Williams. However, it's important to drop Foegele from the mix, as he lacks upside and role for the Hurricanes. Can he be played? Sure! In this stack? Sub optimal; he's adding in more risk with a stack that already has enough differential to be unique. Getting in Ferland is also massively optimal, as he is top 20 (along with Staal, Williams, and Hamilton) in shots this season. In fact, I love all 5 of these guys, and more importantly, this game.

One of, if not my favourite GPP route is to game stack the Canucks @ Hurricanes game. Neither goalie has shown even the slightest ability to keep games close, and while I may give the upper hand to the Hurricanes at home, the Canucks have the better goalie (which is saying absolutely nothing). Getting Staal, Pettersson, Williams, Ferland, Faulk (or Hamilton), and Edler, then you’ll have yourself a super low owned game stack from a game with no defense.

In any case, both teams will needs goals to compete, and neither should have the ability to stop the other. Game stack it is.

LA Kings PP1

Core: Anze Kopitar, Ilya Kovalchuk, Jake Muzzin, Drew Doughty
Fills: Alex Martinez

Outside of Philly, the Kings have one of the better PP's from this evening's slate. Muzzin is one of my all around favourite defensive options, as his salary doesn't match his role with the Kings, and their overall capabilities. Kopitar and Kovi speak for themselves, as the core plays from LA, they should see the most time and chances. It's not that the Jets are some sort of fade, however, the condensed nature of the Kings player pool and salaries allow us to use them more freely than the Jets; if the Jet's and Kings salaries were reversed, than this would be a different story. And try to tell me everyone won’t be owning Jets players, go ahead, I’m waiting….

In any case, the Jets lead the league in PIMs so far this season, with 9 short handed situations, it's hard to imagine the Kings PP1 not getting a couple opportunities tonight. From low ownership and high floors, if the Kings find some sort of relevance, it will be of the Takedown nature.

Columbus Blue Jackets Simple

Core: PL Dubois, Zach Werenski
Fills: Nick Foligno

Nothing complicated here. Dubois is far too cheap (cash viable), and Werenski is the main and only defensive threat for the Blue Jackets. If anything goes down in favour of CBJ, you can bet these two were on the ice for it, or at least Nick Foligno if not them.

Dallas Stars Simple

Core: Tyler Seguin, John Klinberg, Alexander Radulov, Esa Lindell
Fills: Maybe Jamie Benn

Another really simple stack to work in is the Dallas Line 1 without Jamie Benn. The fact is, Jamie Benn is far too expensive, especially on DK. Will Dallas win? Probably. But I'm not convinced Benn will outshine literally every other winger of the slate. Could Segiun? Absolutely. Even Klinberg has a shot at raw points, and Lindell has massive value.

Benn is a great player, but when stacked the salary become intrusive. Look to spend elsewhere, and save on the less expensive options of the Stars' Line 1. But if you can, sure, why not?

Flyers PP1

Core: Jakob Vorachek, Claude Giroux, Shane Gostisbehere, Wayne Simmonds
Fills: Jordan Weal, Seasn Couturier, Ivan Provorov

To finish up the article, we have one of the best PP's in the league, with a massive helping of the Flyers Line 1 and PP1.

Now, this is based off a couple factors, namely how expensive the Sharks are, and how well the Flyers are playing. Each one of these core guys will be league leaders come next spring, and if the Flyers can somehow land a goalie (for the first time since Hextall, really), they could make another serious cup run al la Kane's Mystery Goal vs. the Hawks way back when.

Thankfully, no goalie just means more goals. If the Flyers are blowing someone out, you're winning. If they Flyers are chasing a high scoring game, you're probably winning. If the Flyers are being shut out, no worries, nobody owns Jones/low scoring narrative anyway.

Simply put, these guys have not only as much power as anyone in the league, but easily outchance the cancel game waiting to happen in Dallas. When you want some interesting additions to different stacks, look to the Flyers. When you want a stack that can win you everything, look to the Flyers PP1.