Welcome everyone! This is something I have wanted to put together and finally found the time to get it done. Below you will find a breakdown of some key strategy pieces when it comes to playing CFB DFS, specifically on DraftKings. You may think that CFB is the same as NFL and you don’t have to do anything different, but that is definitely not the case. There are some intricacies when it comes to CFB that differentiates it from the pro game both in real life and daily fantasy. 

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This is an important first step when it comes to CFB DFS. Obviously, every slate is different, but there is almost never a slate that using a QB in SuperFlex isn’t the way to go, especially in cash games. First of all, they have the highest absolute projection on every slate because of how involved they are in the game. In addition, when you talk about college, there are many more running quarterbacks than in the NFL. This just enhances their floor and upside.

You also are then able to double stack you teams. Some running quarterbacks don’t have to be paired with a receiver, but a lot of the time you do want that correlation. You increase the potential upside of your lineup greatly by having two QB → WR stacks within your lineup. You can even take both QBs in one game if you think the game shoots out and give yourself the upside to takedown a GPP.

If you want to be different, there are certainly times when a non QB in SuperFlex wins GPPs. If you are multi entering, you could take a small percentage of your lineups and use a high volume RB or WR in SuperFlex which will help you be unique. 


Most college teams do not have as prolific passing offenses as you sometimes see in the NFL. This leads to different types of offenses than what you are used to. This definitely doesn’t mean that less points are scored, but actually the opposite. Totals in CFB are on average much greater than the NFL. You have to realize that this increases what you need out of value plays, or just that you need to get the right top priced guys in with those value guys. I have seen slates where someone wins with a near 0 at one of the spots they punted. The other guys in their lineup just absolutely went off. We saw the other night with Buffalo that Jaret Patterson ran for 301 yards and 4 touchdowns. So where am I going with this? In CFB, you have to remember that there is sometimes a massive talent difference in some of these teams. Upside is needed in your lineups, not just the “safe” plays.


It has always been like this in CFB, but even more so in 2020. There is nowhere near the news we get in the NFL. I actually like this because it gives us more ways to find an edge over our opponents. There are no rules for actives and inactives like there is in the NFL and sometimes we don’t even find out if someone is out until 5-10 minutes before gametime if at all. If you are in our Slack chat near gametime you will get the most up to date news as I post all the info I can find and update my thoughts if they are changed. It can be a mad scramble, but well worth it when not everyone playing is able to stay as up to date.

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