Back to a Superspeedway we go this weekend at Talladega! These races are always unpredictable, but it is super important to understand lineup construction so you can position yourself to take advantage of the chaos. I am really going to dive into strategy this week as it is the most important thing.

The way I plan to structure this article each week is to talk about strategy for the track we are at and then dive into each price range. I will probably give my favorite play or 2 from each range but I really want the focus to be on strategy. NASCAR only has 40 drivers in each race so I’m not going to write up half the field. Let’s dive in!

I do a lot of my weekly research over at Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet ( They give you a great database to sort out stats so you can see who has good track form along with track type history. They really have all the tools you would want to analyze what drivers are trending and how they match up with the race ahead. Be sure to check them out!


Superspeedways are a different beast when it comes to DFS NASCAR. We are going to be loading up on place differential guys this weekend to position ourselves to benefit from wrecks and other unpredictable events. I expect laps led and fastest laps to be spread out through the field, which mitigates the chance that someone will be a dominator. Something I will do in my 20-max build is limit the number of drivers I have in my lineups starting towards the front. In all of my lineups I will only have max 2 drivers starting in the top 10-15. This is due to the downside that they present in a race that can be this chaotic. 3-4 drivers in my lineups will most likely be starting 25th on back. This is where we can really find place differential guys that have the upside to move ahead a bunch of positions. I will touch on how each driver matches my plan for building below. 

Something that we saw at Daytona was manufacturers/teams working together a lot. I do expect that we will see that in this race and maybe is something I incorporate into a few builds. If you have a group of 2 or 3 guys who do that on the last lap then that could win you a tournament, so this is just another way to enhance the upside of your teams.

As far as contest selection for the week, it is important to make as many lineups as you can. Obviously, stay within your bankroll but DraftKings has some nice 20-max contests at different levels. With the unpredictability of this race it is tough to only play one single entry. My plan is to play the 20-maxes and then some single entry tournaments, so this is how my strategy talk will be geared. 

The last thing I will say on strategy is don’t be afraid to leave a bunch of money on the table and don’t be scared to play some of these driver’s with smaller teams that aren’t necessarily in the best equipment. The guys starting in the very back can move up 10-15 spots basically just due to wrecks and pay off their price tag. Another thing to keep in mind with them is that they will probably all just ride together in the back and stay out of trouble in this race. Not wrecking is half the battle here. If you all have any questions regarding strategy feel free to hit me up in Slack. Building lineups in the correct way will give you the biggest edge this weekend.


These 3 guys fall into the range where I am limiting the number of drivers in my lineups. Salary will hardly be an issue for me this weekend so I am fine having some exposure to these drivers across my lineups.

  • Joey Logano ($10,200) Starting 9th – At least Logano is starting near the back of the top 10. He has been very good here in the past and a guy that I want a bit of exposure to when I am playing guys up here.

A lot of this range is the top 10 starting spots. Like I said I will limit my exposure to those guys a lot but will have a lot of 2 guys here.

  • Christopher Bell ($9,700) Starting 35th – I expect Bell to be popular but I am hoping that this price scares some of the new players off. He provides massive floor and upside starting this far back and since salary won’t matter I am perfectly fine with having large amounts of Bell.
  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr. ($8,400) Starting 20th – Wrecky at a superspeedway can go one of two ways. He either posts a top finish like he has in the past here, or he wrecks like the Stenhouse we know and love. I am definitely willing to take the gamble on him tomorrow, because I know what his upside can be.

This range will be a lot of mixing and matching for me. I will be heavily exposed to some plays here due to their starting spots. 

  • Brendan Gaughan (7,600) Starting 39th – If you remember back to the Daytona 500, we were heavy on Gaughan there starting near the back. He paid that off with a 7th place finish. He will start at the back of the field at Talladega and the Superspeedway specialist provides great value.
  • Ty Dillon ($7,100) Starting 33rd – Ty has been good here in the past, which makes me think he has a certain strategy at these races. Starting this far back I expect to have a lot of Ty.

Notables: Ryan Preece, Daniel Suarez, Corey LaJoie


I don’t necessarily have a driver I love down here but I am perfectly fine having exposure to some due to the type of race we have this weekend.

  • Chris Buescher ($5,600) Starting 21st – Definitely won’t be heavy on any one guy down here but I do like Buescher as an option to mix in tournament builds. He could potentially flirt with a top 10 which would be good for this range.

Please feel free to hit me up with questions in Slack. Remember, don’t be afraid to get weird with your builds this week. Good luck to everyone!

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