We are slowly starting to get some sports back! On Saturday, Bundesliga will finally be coming to DraftKings. I wanted to give you all an article that will provide some base knowledge on how to go about constructing your soccer lineups. My plan for this article is to really simplify the lineup building process. One of the things all of us do is overthink sometimes. 

I am not going to claim to know everything about soccer. Where I have been able to gain an edge is through lineup construction and knowing how to build when it comes to cash games vs GPPs. I am going to really simplify and show you the way I think about things. Let’s jump right into it.


Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 11.13.57 PM.png

There are tons of ways to get points as you can see above. You can really simplify this by targeting players who are ACTIVE in the match. That is the one thing that all the scoring has in common, you have to be involved.


Some players have a much bigger floor than others which makes them good plays in all formats. Some are more goal dependent, which makes them good GPP options. One thing you can look for to see if players have a floor is if they are set piece takers (free kicks, corners, and penalties). This gives them a floor with crosses, assisted shots, etc. 

Typically the players that are outside on the formations are the ones that have a larger floor. Defenders are usually very good values due to their price. Look for the outside defenders on attacking teams or favorites. Forwards are typically the ones who are more goal dependent, but have the goal upside to win you a GPP. That is not the case for every team as some of the Forwards are the best players in the league and combine a floor with massive upside. 

Defenders are split to center back and wing backs. Wingbacks are the ones we generally want to target, whether that be the left back (LB) or right back (RB). The two wing backs are the guys who provide the biggest floor and greatest value for DFS. 

Midfielders also fall into two categories, attacking midfielders and defensive midfielders. I can let you guess which one we want. Most of the time these are the ones who line up on the outside, but it is different with most teams. 

In the utility spot it is usually beneficial to play a defender if you are playing cash games, to get that floor. This is similar to hockey. In GPPs anything goes. 

Goalkeepers are some of the hardest to figure out when it comes to fantasy soccer. Usually this position is a complete joke when trying to accurately predict. It almost just becomes who fits. Massive favorites are obviously more likely to get the win and a clean sheet, but they may not see hardly any shots against them. On the contrary, underdogs may give up a few goals but they also will see more shots and have some save upside. The prime goalkeeper would obviously be a favorite against a team that is very aggressive and forces action. 

When it comes to stacking in soccer I don’t think that it is something that you necessarily have to do. Sometimes it will naturally happen. One way you can stack is combining set piece takers with guys who are more goal dependent and try to double up on assists and goals.


This is one of the most important things when it comes to DFS Soccer. You can look at projected lineups all you want, but almost like baseball, you must see lineups before locking in lineups. There are a few good sources out there to see lineups (the one I use is SofaScore). When you complete your research before lineups come out you can focus on checking if certain guys are in and also make sure which guys are positioned on the outside. 

Lineups come out 45 minutes to an hour before lock and I will be sure to post these in chat when they come available. 

I didn’t want this article to be super long so that we could try to keep things simple. So if you have any specific questions, be sure to hit me up in Slack and I will be more than happy to help. Not a RotoPros member yet? Be sure to sign up for a free trial and check us out! Let’s start off with a bang as we start getting some sports back!!

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