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What does my vip membership include?

You just signed up to receive profitable daily fantasy lineups and you may be wondering where you receive the lineups each day and how the site works. As a VIP member of RotoPros, you receive an all access membership which includes lineups for DraftKings and FanDuel. You have access to lineups for NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, as well as lineups for EPL, UCL, PGA and NASCAR. You will also have access to a slate breakdown article and cheat sheet for nba highlighting our top nba play of that day for cash games and tournaments.

Who are the providers and what sports and sites do they provide lineups for?

Providers on staff and the sports they provide lineups for are:

  • Kdogg - NBA, NFL, and MLB
  • Chris - MLB, NASCAR, and Golf
  • Rob - EPL, UCL, NHL, and NFL

Where do I go to get the lineups?

When you signed up for your subscription an email invitation was automatically sent for you to join our slack chat app private lineups page and members only chat room. That invitation email can be found in the email you provided us when you signed up for your subscription. Slack chat is easy to navigate and is available on your desktop and for android and ios operating systems on your mobile devices. After you click on your email invitation and have accessed the slack chat app you will need to set up a profile for yourself and once that has been completed you will be automatically placed in our slack chat room.

Our hours of opertation

Our customer support team will respond to all inquiries, questions and comments between the hours of 7am to 12am. When you email submit a question to us Support@RotoPros.com we will reply during hours of operations.

How does the members only channel and lineups only channel work?

Members only channel functions as an area for members to talk sports, discuss the days slate, get help with personal lineups and sweat daily fantasy winning lineups together. Providers are available in the room to answer questions about that days daily fantasy slates and the lineups they have provided you. The slate breakdown articles and cheat sheets for that day will be posted in this room.

Lineups channel is where you will find the lineups each day and functions strictly as the channel where providers post their lineups. We encourage members to chat with each other in the members chat only so the lineups channel remains free for providers to post lineups and members to be able to access and enter those lineups as efficiently as possible. The slate breakdown article and cheat sheet will also be posted in this channel.

What time will the lineups come out and be available to me?

Lineups will be posted in the lineups channel 10-30 minutes before the start of the slates. Reacting to last minute injury news is an extremely important part of daily fantasy lineup construction and building profitable lineups. Injury news informs us of players that may not be starting for their team on that slate can open value plays that allow you to upgrade at other positions. Because this is such an import part of daily fantasy lineup construction we ask that you be patient when you are waiting for the lineups to come out during the 10-30 min time before lock.

I'm new to daily fantasy, what games should I be entering?

We recommend that out of the money you have in your account to play with (your bankroll), that you play 10% of any day and not play more than 20% of your bankroll on any one day. We suggest that you play 80% of that in cash game (h2h, double up, 50/50). These games pay out a higher percentage of the total entrants (top 45-50% of the field) and are safer games to play to build your bankroll and profit over the long-term. The other 20% you should put in tournaments or they are referred to as gpp’s. Gpp stands for guaranteed prize pools and are tournaments guaranteed to run even if they don’t fill. Tournaments and gpp’s are games were you will need to be in the top 20-30% to win money but offer very high profit potential with their top heavy payout structure. Following this bankroll strategy will lead to consistent profit for you long-term.

I still have more questions, once I'm in the slack chat is there anybody available to help me?

Yes, RotoPros has a dedicated person that is always available to help answer your questions about daily fantasy, bankroll management and game selection.

Thank you again for signing up for RotoPros! Now that you know about us and were to find the lineups we look forward to meeting you and providing you with consistent winning daily fantasy sports lineups. We look forward to seeing you in our slack soon.

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