We recommend that out of the money you have in your account to play with, that you play about 10% of any day and not play more than 20% of your bankroll on any one day. We suggest that you play 80% of that in cash game (h2h, double up, 50/50). These games pay out a higher percentage of the total entrants (top 45-50% of the field) and are safer games to play to build your bankroll and profit over the long-term. The other 20% you should put in tournaments or they are referred to as GPP’s. GPP stands for guaranteed prize pools and are tournaments guaranteed to run even if they don’t fill. Tournaments and GPP’s are games where you will need to be in the top 20-30% to win money but offer very high profit potential with their top heavy payout structure. Following this bankroll strategy will lead to consistent profit for you long-term.

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